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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Your search for the best Mercedes mechanic near me is over. Westside Mercedes will treat you right. A+ rated with BBB. The best Los Angeles Mercedes mechanic needs to be experienced, honest, and committed to excellence. These are basic attributes but finding the right Mercedes mechanic in Los Angeles is no easy feat. With the sea of independent auto repair shops all over LA, many are dishonest and lack the equipment, licenses, and insurance to service high-end vehicles. Westside Mercedes breaks down the stereotypes and can be your go-to auto repair shop.

Over 40 years of experience and A+ rated with BBB

With over 40 years of automotive experience, Ken Spratford, is the owner and operator of Westside Mercedes on the west side of Los Angeles. Ken started working on cars on the east coast.  In the early 80s, he rented space for $200 per month at a local gas station on the Jersey shore. Ken cut his teeth by selling gas and working on his dream cars, the Mercedes Benz 560 SL, Mercedes Benz 280SL and Jaguar XKE.

Los Angeles Mercedes Repair & Maintenance

Since the early 90s, Westside Mercedes has serviced cars to Los Angeles Westsiders. We deal with actors, attorneys, doctors, directors, musicians, stylists, producers, and entrepreneurs. After 40 years of dealing with a high profile and active clientele, you learn things. We fix the cars and sometimes offer our point of view on everyday things when asked. Just be warned, any life insight is free of charge but delivered with an east coast flare, a taste of sarcasm, and maybe a hint of humor.

Westside Mercedes is Committed to Excellence

When you get your Mercedes-Benz serviced at Westside Mercedes your car will get the best aftermarket products or OEM recommended parts. We offer a warranty on both labor and repair work. You never have to worry about having faulty parts or reprocessed oil put in your vehicle. And, don’t be surprised to see your car fully cleaned when serviced. Westside Mercedes is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau.

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