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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Meet Luis, our shop foreman with a background in Lexus service and repair. Luis is an avid soccer player, Lexus enthusiast, and Auto Technician. According to Luis, in that order 🙂

Luis has been with Westside Mercedes for 5 years, primarily working on European cars as our Shop Foreman and Lead Auto Technician. Luis past automotive experience was servicing Japanese cars including Lexus.

A Quick Chat with Luis on Lexus

Tell us about your experience with Lexus…

“I actually drive an IS 250. I have been part of the Lexus family for a long time. I have owned and leased several Lexus vehicles. They are quality cars. Their performance is on the level of the Europeans. When I started working in auto repair, I primarily worked on Lexus. I know the vehicle’s systems and parts like the back of my hand. I’m really excited that we are now welcoming Lexus to the shop’s roster at Westside Mercedes. I really enjoy working on these cars.”

Any tips to best keep your Lexus running smoothly?

“You really need to service your Lexus according to the recommended service intervals. Lexus parts are expensive but if you service your car you shouldn’t have any problems. I am obsessive about the cleanliness of my Lexus. I make sure there is no debris around the engine. Also, I change the oil for my IS 250 every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. It’s common knowledge but so many people neglect doing an oil service. And that’s usually when the problems start with these cars.”

What are the most common signs people see when their Lexus needs repair work?

Check Engine Light “There are several signs but the most important is to always monitor the dash and make sure the check engine light isn’t on. It is really important to keep your eye on this and bring the car in for a diagnostic scan right away. Once the car is scanned by our diagnostic equipment, we will see what codes pop up to pinpoint the issue.”Coolant Leak“Another common sign is pink/orange fluid that appears underneath your Lexus. It’s coolant leaking from your engine. Your water pump may need to be replaced.”Timing Belt
“If your timing belt snaps you’ll know because your car won’t start anymore. Timing belts need to be replaced around the 100k interval. But not all Lexus models have timing belts, some have timing chains.”

Have A Question About Your Lexus?

Comment on our blog, call us, or drop by Westside Mercedes off Santa Monica Blvd in West LA and meet Luis. He can be found under the hood of one of our customer’s vehicles. Our doors are always open to talk about your vehicle or if you just want to have a quick chat about world affairs

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