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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

If you need headlight restoration service in Los Angeles chances are your nighttime visibility has declined. Having cloudy lenses can be a safety hazard. As winter approaches, Los Angelenos will spend much of their time driving at night. Headlight Restoration is a quick an easy way to dramatically increase your nighttime visibility and improve your driving safety.

Do you have cloudy Headlight Lenses?

While a dead light bulb causes immediate alarm, most drivers neglect or pay little attention to the opacity of their cars headlight lenses. Since there is no dashboard indicator light for cloudy lenses monitoring this is not top of mind. If your car’s headlights appear cloudy a thin film has formed obstructing light from the headlight bulbs, LED, or HID headlights. The lense fogginess comes from sunlight damage and built up grime (very common in LA).

Professional Los Angeles Headlight Restoration Service

Headlight restoration is part of our complete car detail service but we also offer headlight restoration a la carte. Our auto detail professionals apply commercial compound and wax to clean and polish the lens. Our experienced detailers are skilled at using wet sandpaper and a buffing wheel to remove the cloudiness and restore your headlights like new.

Beware of DIY Headlight Restoration Tactics

There are no shortcuts when it comes to restoring your headlights. The majority of the quick fixes on the market may last a few weeks; if you’re lucky. Besides the fact that using toothpaste, insect repellant, or one of the cheap headlight restoration kits on the market does not work… You may actually do damage by scratching the headlight lenses.

To properly do this repair you need a buffing wheel, buffing pad, compound, wax, and wet-dry sandpaper.  All of which will exceed the cost of having a skilled car detailer do it for you.

Restore Your Headlights Today

Don’t wait, restoring your headlights will improve your driving safety. Have a professional restore your headlights back to new. Headlight restoration at Westside Mercedes is $125 for both headlights.

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