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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

There are thousands of Auto Repair Shops in Los Angeles but finding the right one can be difficult. Knowing your car is in good hands with a trust worthy car mechanic will provide peace of mind just like having a good accountant, dentist, attorney, or doctor. At least that's what Dad has always said, right? Here's what you need to know when looking for the best Los Angeles Auto Repair Shop for your vehicle.

How Long Have They Been In Business?

There are few professions where experience matters as much as a car mechanic. A car is a complex machine and the best car mechanics or auto technicians have seen all the issues under a hood that could and have gone wrong. Experience matters.

Does The Auto Repair Shop Have Diagnostic Tools?

It is often difficult to diagnose an issue on modern computerized cars. It is essential that a professional auto repair shop be equipped with the latest car diagnostic tools to effectively trouble-shoot issues for specific car models. If you have a luxury European vehicle find the right auto shop with the experience and tools to service your Porsche, Mercedes, or BMW.

What Professional Associations Do they Belong To?

A good way to gauge whether a Los Angeles Auto Shop offers the quality service for your car is whether they maintain professional relationships or have business affiliations. These professional networks indicate that the auto repair shop stays up to date on current automotive trends and that they have a network of direct contacts they can consult with to provide the highest level of service. Some quality automotive distributors have "find a repair shop" location-based tools on their websites to confirm the shop is getting their products and insight. Here is a link for the BG Find A Shop locator.

Do They Provide Warranty On Labor & Parts?

Putting the original or manufacturer approved parts will enable your car to run at peak performance. Quality parts are backed by a warranty in case they malfunction. In addition to providing your car with appropriate parts, the best Los Angeles Car Repair Shops have a warranty for labor too.

Are they Insured, Licensed, and Experienced?

Always be sure to verify that the Auto Repair Shop has adequate insurance.  This protects you should anything go run during service. An Auto Repair Shop should have insurance documents and business license visible.  You can check with the Better Business Bureau or with the Secretary of California and review on their websites.

Do They Conduct Business Out Of An Office You Can Visit?

Technology has changed many of the ways we conduct business and some car mechanics are providing mobile service where they come to you. Just be sure they have a physical office that you can visit. This indicates they are not a fly by night type of business and will be available should problems arise.

Does The Los Angeles Auto Repair Shop Have a Solid Reputation?

Looking up review sites are good but probably better to speak with your neighbors, friends and family members for verification.

If you can't get the answers to all of these questions or maybe you are still in doubt. Try putting a few dollars in the cup holder of your vehicle. Bring the car in for some minor repairs, maybe an oil change. If the money is missing when you pick up your car you should probably go somewhere else.

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