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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Why is it important to have your car detailed in Los Angeles?

Besides the Los Angeles cliche that your appearance and car is of great importance, there are several benefits to car detailing.

  • Slows depreciation: the average car depreciates between 15-25% per year so anything you can do to slow this depreciation down will be fruitful when it’s time to sell.Eco-friendly: saving water as auto detail providers hand wash instead of putting the car thru typical car wash machine.

  • Paint condition: your vehicle’s paint can be damaged by debris, dirt, insects and bird droppings. The wash and waxing provides a protective barrier, and at the same time, a showroom finish. Also, some detailing providers offer paint correction.

  • Engine runs cooler: removing the debris and detailing the engine translates to a cooler running engine. This improves performance and lifespan of your car.

  • Reduces accidents: a full detail includes removing the dirt and haze from the windshield. In addition to headlight restoration, which does wonders for your nighttime visibility by removing cloudiness from headlight lenses. Both increase your vehicle safety.

  • Increases your happiness: well this is debatable but research says a clean and tidy bedroom increases happiness so why not a clean car.

What should you know about auto detail services?

Professional auto detailers have special tools and processes to detail the interior and exterior of your car.


The paint of your car can be scratched or chipped if not treated properly. Experienced auto detailers deal with it in a three step process to clean, correct and protect the paint surface. First they thoroughly wash and dry the car by hand. Next they use a clay bar to remove any impurities or residue that are missed. The last step is to polish and seal with wax for shine and protection.

Wheels and Chassis

Cleaning your wheels, dressing tires and armor on rims protects then from cracking. The plastic splash guards and inner fender liners should also be cleaned and dressed with protectant. Also the wheel wells, suspension components and entire chassis or underside of your car should not be neglected.

Headlights and brake lights

Your vehicle’s headlight assembly can show signs of oxidation and cloudiness. This is a safety hazard. A professional detailer will apply commercial compound and wax to clean and polish the lens. They will also use wet sandpaper and a buffing wheel to remove the cloudiness and restore your headlights to like-new condition.


Your engine bay should be detailed by a professional so no damage is done. Your engine should be lightly misted with water, then cleaned with a suitable degreaser before being rinsed clean. Once properly dried, all silicone, plastic and rubber components should be properly dressed to protect from cracking.


Interior detailing takes the most time and effort for a professional detailer. Getting into a fully detailed car is a great feeling while a dirty car can actually have operational complications. Stain and gunk cause switches to fail, and hazy windows hurt drivers visibility. Interior detail includes vacuuming and cleaning of seating surfaces, console dressing with shine, window cleaning inside & outside, cleaning cup holders, and condition leather seats. The trunk should also be thoroughly cleaned.

What is the cost of getting your car detailed?

Different packages are available for different levels of service. Expect to pay $25 for a handwash, cleaning. and removing streaks of the exterior glass. While $250 will get your entire vehicle fully detailed.

Where should you go for detailing in West Los Angeles or Santa Monica?

If you live on the Westside of Los Angeles, Westside Mercedes offers complete detailing services for any car model. BBB gives Westside an A+ rating. In addition to detailing, Westside Mercedes does vehicle restorations, and auto repair.

If you can’t make it to Westside Mercedes and are looking for a car detailing service in your area, just do a google search for “car detailing near me”.

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