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Need a Mercedes Body Shop in West LA?

If you live or work on the Westside of LA, and are looking for a Mercedes Body Shop, Westside Mercedes can help you with auto body repair.  Westside Mercedes specializes in Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mini, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, and VW Audi.

Get into a minor accident or fender bender?

Even if no one was hurt, getting your MBZ into a minor accident or fender bender can be very stressful. Typically your immediate response is shock. After you hear, see or feel the collision, your adrenaline will start pumping. If you are a well mannered or painfully polite person, your first impulse may be to actually apologize to the other driver. Even if they hit you! Don’t do this. You need to stay calm and take control of your emotions.


Car accident advice from an Automotive Professional    

Ken Spratford is an Automotive professional from the East Coast and owner of Westside Mercedes in Los Angeles. Ken has helped LA Westsiders deal with the many stresses of getting into an accident.


Ken’s 5 steps to dealing with a car collision.

  1. Check for any injuries and determine if you are in a safe location. Call the police or ambulance if there are injuries or major auto damage.

  2. Use your cell phone to take pictures of any car dents or damage.  

  3. If you find any damage to your car, then you need to ask for the other person’s info. Tell them you need to exchange information. Take photos of their Driver License, Vehicle Registration, Insurance Card. Look for eyewitnesses and get their contact information too.

  4. Tell the other driver you need to get an estimate for the damage. Don’t negotiate at the scene of the accident. You don’t want to promise you won’t pursue an insurance claim or agree not to involve the police.

  5. Now you have all the information. You can decide if you want to submit a claim.

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