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Need an auto body repair and paint shop in Santa Monica or West Los Angeles?

Do you need an auto body repair and paint shop in Santa Monica or the Westside of Los Angeles? Maybe you recently had an accident or you have an older car that needs a fresh coat of paint. Westside Mercedes is at 11811 Santa Monica Blvd in close proximity to Santa Monica, Century City, Beverly Hills, and Brentwood.

Are there car shops that are both collision center and mechanic?


Yes, finding an auto shop that is full service will save you time and money. If you got into an accident your car may need both mechanical and body repair. You can save on the cost of labor by having the auto body and mechanical work fixed at the same time.


How to reduce labor costs on auto repair services?


Let’s look at a very basic example. Say you get into a fender bender causing damage to the bumper and brake lights of your new Porsche. In order to fix the brake lights the mechanic will have to remove the bumper then repair the electrical circuitry. If you get both issues fixed at a service center that handles auto body and electrical, the bumper and brake light assembly won’t have to be removed and taken apart twice, therefore your labor costs will be reduced.


My car’s paint is worn


If you have a pre 2000 vehicle chances are the car’s paint is looking shabby, doesn’t have a nice shine, or the color is not matching. The quality of the paint that was used is not as weather resistant as the paint used by the manufacturers today. The clear coat paint deteriorates on the flat surfaces of your car from years of exposure to the sun. This is especially common in Los Angeles due to the warm climate and street parking. You will notice this happening first on the hood, the roof, and the trunk of your car.


Restoring your cars paint back to new


You can’t just paint over existing paint or the new paint will start crazing like an alligator suitcase. The best Los Angeles auto body and paint shops can restore your car’s exterior back to new but it is a long and tedious process.

  1. Remove all exterior components such as door handles, bumpers, doorlights, headlights, taillights, chrome pieces, trim pieces, etc.

  2. Remove existing worn paint

  3. Sand car past clear coat down to original primer

  4. Reprime and repaint the vehicle

Where is a good BMW repair body shop in Santa Monica or the westside of LA?

Westside Mercedes located at 11811 Santa Monica Blvd is complete auto repair and body shop for European cars including BMW. Westside works with all insurance companies and will negotiate with the insurance adjuster on your behalf. Your insurance company pays all preliminary costs for parts. Once the collision job is completed you pay the deductible when you pick up your car. Westside Mercedes is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Feel feel to contact us with any questions concerning your auto accident. We use OEM parts and have loaner cars available for major repair work.

Westside is committed to excellent customer satisfaction. Contact Westside Mercedes today.  

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